I am Uncle Marty and this is my wife Lucille.

Many of you know we are not new to the jewelry business. We had owned our jewelry store in Freeport NY for 32 years and sold it to make several changes in our life together.

We moved to Cherokee County, Georgia. Here we can enjoy being with our children and grandchildren, enjoy clean air and pay much lower taxes.

All our friends in New York can buy from this website and pay without sales tax. Georgia residents please add 6% sales tax.

We are using this website to stay in touch with our many friends and offer them the good deals we were noted for.

Our philosophy continues to tell the truth about any item we sell.

We continue to buy Diamonds set into jewelry and gold and silver jewelry in any condition.
We also buy Sterling Silver hollowware and utensils in any condition.

We are buying engraved and dented silverware for the highest prices. We do not advertise for gold and silver on TV, radio or on the billboards. Saving that cost allows us to pay much more than our competition.

Please write to us at KronJewelers@gmail.com or call 866-595-4687 for instructions to mail us your package.
Georgia residents please call using 404-585-7buy. We have a local office in Cherokee County to buy and sell.

We use Post Office Box 245, Lebanon, GA. 30146 to accept all of our mail and packages.

We have many items in our vaults here in Georgia which our customers from Kron Jewelers on Long Island will remember. We have pictured them on this website and our prices reflect those days of low cost gold and silver.

True the cost of gold has increased more than 4 times but the cost of gemstones have not increased at the same rate. Therefore we can sell our many genuine gemstone jewelry items for the low prices that you remember.

I have found a wonderfully talented and experienced jeweler here in Georgia who can make any special order you may require. Just ask and send us a link to another website or picture/sketch of what you want made. I will continue to personally select the gemstones and material to be used in your jewelry item.

Now that you have an "Uncle" in the jewelry business, contact your Uncle Marty for all your jewelry needs. You will not be disappointed, I promise. To learn more about us feel free to browse the Kron Jewelers website.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Uncle Marty & Lucille


PO Box 245 

Lebanon, GA  30146-0245


Toll Free: 1 (866) 595-4687


GA Residents: 1 (404) 585-7buy


E-Mail: uncmarty@att.net

Now Open Exclusively On The Web

www.kronjewelers.com - PO Box 245 - Lebanon - GA - 30146 - (866) 595-4687 - uncmarty@att.net